When it comes to golf, finding the perfect balance between fashion and performance is key. Gray + Haast is excited to present our latest release, the G+H Windbreaker. This piece is designed to enhance your golf wardrobe and elevate your style without compromising on functionality.  Here are some of the details that will make this jacket become your favourite golfing sidekick.


  1. 1/4 Zip Design: Versatility for Unpredictable Weather
    Let's face it, golf weather can be as unpredictable as your swing! With the1/4 zip design, the G+H Windbreaker allows you to effortlessly layer up or down based on the temperature. Whether you need an extra layer to combat a sudden chill or prefer more freedom for that epic follow-through, this windbreaker offers the flexibility you need to conquer the course in style.

  2. Water-Resistant Outer Shell: Stay Dry, Swing High
    Gone are the days of drenched swings on rainy days. The G+H Windbreaker features a water-resistant outer shell, keeping you dry and comfortable during that unexpected downpour. Embrace the fabric technology that protects your swing without compromising your style, and play your best round, rain or shine.

  3. Flexible Inner Lining: Comfort That Lasts
    At Gray + Haast, we understand that comfort is essential for a long day on the links. That's why we designed the G+H Windbreaker with a flexible inner lining. This unique feature provides a cosy and breathable experience and stops that outer layer sticking when it rains, allowing you to move with ease and focus on your game.

  4. Side Pockets: Convenience Within Reach
    We've all experienced the frustration of rummaging through our bags in search of golf essentials like tees or ball markers. The G+H Windbreaker solves this problem by incorporating handy side pockets. Keep your golfing necessities easily accessible and enjoy a seamless experience on the course.

  5. Vented Back Panel: Control Your Temperature And Your Game
    Maintaining a cool and collected demeanor on the course is crucial for optimal performance. That's why the G+H Windbreaker features a vented back panel. Experience your personal climate control system as the breeze flows through, assisting the regulation of temperature keeping you composed, even when your swing heats up. With this windbreaker, you can forget about sweating the small stuff—focus on your game and let the windbreaker take care of the rest.

  6. Ribbed Cuffs & Waistband: Style Meets Function
    A windbreaker that flaps around is the last thing any golfer wants. Gray + Haast understands this, which is why the G+H Windbreaker incorporates ribbed cuffs and a waistband. These features provide a snug fit that stays in place as you navigate the fairways. Swing with confidence, knowing that your windbreaker is a loyal companion, enhancing your style without becoming a distraction.


Gear up with the G+H Windbreaker and step onto the course with style, comfort, and confidence. Elevate your golf game today.